“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiess” – Richard Bach.

Do you want to a special, unique gift for your friends, partners, collagues, family members on their special events or occasions during the year. Come and explore our products!!!

Our core values are inexpensive, functional and unique.

Inexpensive. A gift has reasonal price that everyone can afford it.

Functional. A gift which can be used in daily life so you can look at it everyday

Unique. A gift which is distingush with others and only for the receiver.

Spending several long nights to think about it and we come up with an excellent idea. PERSONALIZED GIFT!

Welcome and enjoy your shopping

Prizedthings team


Our mission

At Prizedthings, you are not only a shopper but a creator. Our designers create a huges collections of cliparts and backgrounds which can satify for any occasions. Realease your creative and create your own design for your beloved. Make it unique!!!

Our mission is to deliver your beautiful piece of design onto high-quality products and ship product to the receiver’s door.

Our Business Model

We operate our business as a print-on-demand (POD) online store. After customers make a purchase, it will be sync automatically through our system to our fulfillment center. The product will be printed one by one in order to maintain high-quality. After packaging, the order will be delivered to customers' door with tracking information so customer can trace the package all along their transportation.